A New Law School Course on Executive Power and Its Limits

From an article in the National Law Journal:

As soon as Donald Trump won the election, students at the University of Washington School of Law began querying their instructors. They wanted to know what his presidency could mean and how the law can both empower and rein in the president-elect as he moves to implement his political agenda.
Sensing an opportunity to engage students by harnessing current events, professors Sanne Knudsen and Kathryn Watts quickly began designing a new course focused on the role of the presidency and its limitations—a class that delves into hot topics including health care, climate change and immigration.
"Frankly, it's very exciting to teach when students are at the height of their level of engagement," Knudsen said.
The upper-level course, called Executive Power and Its Limits, is being offered next semester. Demand has already exceeded available seats—a sign that law students are hungry to better understand the intersection of the law and the White House amid Trump's move to Washington.

Where was the student inquiry and professor interest regarding the limits of Executive power during the past eight years?