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Post date: Posted on: March 18, 2016

In a cross-post on the Volokh Conspiracy and Foundation for Economic Education websites, Eugene Volokh briefly analyzes a jury nullification bill that was passed by th

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Post date: Posted on: March 4, 2016

The Internal Revenue Service has long taken, for obvious reasons, a dim view of classifications of revenue that diminish tax liability.

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Post date: Posted on: February 23, 2016

At LeClairRyan's Estate Conflicts blog, Will Sleeth has a fun feature analyzing [SPOILER ALERT] the estate of Han Solo, per the events in 

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Post date: Posted on: December 23, 2015

As highlighted by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), New Hampshire state representatives Frank Edelblut (R) and Alan Turcotte (D) have

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Post date: Posted on: November 13, 2015

In the New Hampshire Business Review, Michael Drooff discusses New Hampshire’s revised state securities statute, which takes effect January 1, 2016:

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Post date: Posted on: August 30, 2015

From a recent press release by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC):

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Post date: Posted on: July 2, 2015

In Georgetwon Law Review, Judge Alex Kozinski analyzes some of the common tropes in discussions about criminal law in the U.S., and offers solutions to some of the most prevalent shortcomings of the c

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