FLSA Rule Doubling Salary Threshold Halted by Preliminary Injunction

Connolly Gallagher's Tim Holly has thoughts on recent developments in the FLSA:

As we have reported, the new federal overtime regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which were scheduled to take effect on December 1, and which among other things would have eliminated exempt status for any employee making less than $47,476, have been in jeopardy due to challenges in court and in Congress. Many employers have been scrambling to come up with a plan to comply with the new regulations. Two of the options discussed include reclassifying certain employees to non-exempt status (recognizing that they will qualify for overtime pay) or increasing their pay – sometimes significantly – to the new salary threshold. Some employers have already implemented their FLSA compliance plans. Many have not.

The full piece, together with links to prior posts discussing aspects of proposed and implemented FLSA changes, can be found here: "FLSA Rule Doubling Salary Threshold Is Halted by Preliminary Injunction."