Delaware is the Jurisdiction of Choice for IPOs

Delaware's Division of Corporations reports that 83% of the companies involved in initial public offerings (IPOs) in 2013 were Delaware corporations.

According to the state's blog:

The 2013 data underscores the value that Delaware provides its corporate citizens. “Now more than ever, investors from around the world are looking for a neutral vehicle that facilitates business transactions and offers an excellent forum for dispute resolution,” says Secretary of State [Jeffrey W. Bullock].

Delaware entities are increasingly the vehicle of choice for legal entities around the world, explains Andrea Tinianow, Director of Corporate and International Development for the State of Delaware.  “Delaware entities give businesses greater flexibility to operate and grow, and at the same time, provide managers and stakeholders alike with access to the state’s preeminent business courts, where disputes can be resolved quickly, and a body of case law that provides substantive precedent that they can use to govern their companies.”