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Post date: Posted on: February 25, 2016

In the New Hampshire Business Review, Paul Bauer and Christopher Hawkins analyze the potential liabilities of drones and the need for tailored insurance policies to cover the

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Post date: Posted on: February 14, 2016

At the Employment & Labor Insider, Robyn Shea asks and answers (from a legal / HR perspective) nine questions that one should ask oneself before starting a workplace

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Post date: Posted on: February 4, 2016

(Note: the following is adapted from materials prepared for Litigating the Business Divorce (BNA, forthcoming 2016), co-edited and co-authored by Brian Gottesman, and materials prepared by Michelle Quinn and Brian Gottesman for their

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Post date: Posted on: October 5, 2015

At the China Law Blog, Dan Harris provides further arguments regarding the dangers of manufacturing arrangements with Chinese companies with unw

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