Posted on: April 10, 2020

In Town and City magazine, a publication of the New Hampshire Municipal Association, Chris Stevenson analyzes recent developments concerning the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (colloquially known as “Obamacare”) and their effects on municipal and county governments:

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Posted on: April 2, 2020

Our friend and former colleague, Tim Holly, has outlined the FMLA and FLSA implications of the recent coronavirus-related closures. Tim is a partner in the Labor & Employment law group at Connolly Gallagher LLP. He has graciously given permission for us to reprint his analysis here:

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Posted on: March 20, 2020

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) of the Department of Health and Human Services has issued a notice regarding the provision of remote services by health providers. The full text appears below. But the gist of the notice is that for the pendency of the COVID-19 pandemic, the OCR is suspending enforcement of its restrictions on platforms health providers can use to provide telehealth services (such as remote counseling or physical therapy sessions).

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