Posted on: June 10, 2022

Fox Business reports:

Geico failed to defend policyholder and instead denied coverage, which court wrote was mistake

A woman in Missouri won $5.2 million in a settlement with Geico after she contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

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Posted on: June 7, 2022

An excerpt from Wilfred M. McClay's speech at the 18th annual Bradley Prizes ceremony on May 17, 2022:

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Posted on: June 6, 2022

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) reports:

After a more than four-month investigation that led to his reinstatement last week, Ilya Shapiro resigned today from Georgetown University Law Center.

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Posted on: June 5, 2022

At American Greatness, Victor Davis Hanson discusses the the "Sovietization of American Life":

One day historians will look back at the period beginning with the COVID lockdowns of spring 2020 through the midterm elections of 2022 to understand how America for over two years lost its collective mind and turned into something unrecognizable and antithetical to its founding principles.

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Posted on: June 2, 2022

In the New Hampshire Business Review, John Cunningham discusses the legal implications of emails and Zoom calls:

Within the past few years, emails and text messages (which I’ll refer to together simply as “emails”) have become the most important tools of business and legal communication. And within the past two years, Zoom meetings and other virtual meetings have become the second most important.

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